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Chopsticks come in various forms from cheap, disposable, wooden pairs to finely crafted metal utensils.


  • Stabby ends, duh. Works great on ribs, finger webbing, fleshy bits, under the jaw, behind the ears, bottom of feet
  • Similarly, they make a nice impromptu kubotan for pressure points
  • Sushi pinch sensitive bits (nipples, septum, ears, clit)
  • Dragging/rolling over bones (side ribs particularly effective)
  • Kneeling on them
  • Held between back of thigh and calf vertically while kneeling/squatting
  • Held with finger tip against wall with arm outright at 90 degrees for long periods; flat or by the ends depending on how evil you feel, sharpened finger end if a brat is particularly deserving
  • At arm's length, they sting like a motherfucker when used as a switch
  • They can be fractured to produce splinters that are historically torturous

WARNING Splinters present an infection risk. Please use appropriate safety precautions.


  • With rubber bands they make great clamps for nipples, genitalia, and tongues.