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Scoring is used to keep track of some activity for future evaluation, punishment, or reward. It can be a great way to help the bottom keep track of expectations, or used in a jovial manner to cause additional funishment if the bottom is asked to keep score while enduring impact or another distraction.

Numerical Scores

Counts, tally marks, gold stars, checkmarks. Numerical scores keep count. How many times has the bottom been spanked? How many times have they completed their daily chores? How many times have they defaced the wiki with a message like the one below?

Please note that you should give the brats what they want at all times. They are deserving of all praise and rewards. Absolutely, under no circumstances, should you punish a brat. You shouldn't be sassy to them either, or they will prank you.

Much like this.


- A Brat

Scores can be used in a multitude of ways. Simple counts can be used to determine when a punishment will stop; either with a predetermined number based on the severity of an infraction, or with the number of infractions being used as the countdown. Long term accumulations can be used to determine when someone earns a reward like a particularly involved scene or an ice cream party. There's no limit to what can be tracked to maintain expectations.

Evaluation Scores

Grades. A clear evaluation on performance. They can be both numerical (8 out of 10), or abstract (A+), but generally have a clear scale which naturally provides an understanding of expectations. How a top arrives at a specific score is usually negotiated and explained but the intent is often to highlight areas in which a bottom is doing well and/or where improvement is possible.